Rules & Guidelines

1. NO alcohol or tobacco products on the facility. We are a completely tobacco and alcohol free campus!! Anyone in violation of this will be banned from property immediately.

2. All music, bands, etc. must display a Christlike atmosphere. We require that only Christian music is played. Wedding Style music is acceptable; please see Wedding guidelines for further explanation.

3. All camp equipment must be used properly and returned to their appropriate places before leaving.

4. NO ONE is in the lake, in a boat, paddle boat or canoe without a lifevest! Swimming is only allowed if a registered life guard is present. This MUST be approved by our staff before swimming is allowed. Please call our office if you are interested in your group swimming.

5. Have a good time! We pray for each and every group that attends Camp Manna. Our desire is that your group will find this location to be peaceful and enjoyable. There is NOTHING more important to us than the cause of CHRIST! Promoting the name of Christ, the bond of a family unit and Christian fellowship is our top priority!

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