Week 6 – Slime Week – July 29-31

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MONDAY:  Crafts (K-3rd)  Archery 4th-8th, Boats (all grades), Game Time, Devotions and More

TUESDAY:  Swim Time(all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen,

WEDNESDAY:  Crafts (4th-8th), Archery K-3rd, Boats (all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen  and MORE.  

THURSDAY:  Swim Time (all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen,   

FRIDAY:  Boats, Canteen, Devotions,  Movie Day (Campers can bring small blankets, stuffed animals etc to have with them during their groups movie time.  (IT MUST FIT IN THEIR BAG AND CUBBY).  All Movies are rate G or PG (for older campers) and are filtered through VidAngel to remove any questionable content. 

 Special Activity:  Peanut Butter Jelly Race         This activity is a camp tradition.  We realize that peanut butter can be an allergy issue for some which is why we take great caution in making sure everyone stays staff.  This game is a camp wide race using the sandwich as the baton.  It is triple bagged.  Those with allergies never touch the bag or come near it.  There are so many different challenges and elements to this game we make sure everyone has a part and participates.   If you have any question please contact our office.  This is SERIOULSY ONE OF THE BEST CAMP GAMES EVER…there is nothing like hearing our entire camp screaming, running and cheering on teammates at once! 

 Special Activities:  Paintball Grades 4th – 8th    (no worries if your camper is younger, there are still lots of fun things planned)

 4th – 5th GradersTarget Paintball ONLY.  – Players will participate in shooting targets throughout the paintball course, they will collect points for their teams. 

6th – 8th Graders – Target and/or Combat will be offeredIf campers choose to participate in combat play (team vs team, capture the flag style) please note that getting hit by a paintball can be painful and may leave a mark and/or bruise.  Most campers bring extra clothes and wear long sleeves and long pants to play.   Paint may stain clothes so be mindful.   Paintball is a very fun activity and we improve our course every year.  However, we realize this is not an activity that every camper will enjoy, if your camper chooses not to participate there will be an alternate place for them to hang out while their age group is playing.

***Guns and Masks will be cleaned and disinfected between players. 

***We are VERY STRICT about handling equipment properly.  Students are given safety lessons before play and are immediately disqualified for not listening and abiding by the rules.   No exceptions.

Special Activity:  Slip N Slime – This is a spin off of Slip N Slide however lots of SLIME AND GROSS elements will be added to the pools to make the game even more fun!