Week One Camp Details - Aloha Week - June 13-17th

Aloha…It’s Summer Time…Get ready for all the FUN!!

This week is FILLED with lots of Hawaiian Fun!  Campers will learn to start their summer with God and recognize his blessings!  You don’t want to miss this FIRST week of summer camp!!

MONDAY:  Crafts (K-3rd)  Archery 4th-8th, Boats (all grades), Game Time, Devotions and More

TUESDAY:  Swim Time, Game Time, Devotions, Canteen and More

WEDNESDAY:  Crafts (4th-8th), Archery K-3rd), Boats (all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen  and MORE

THURSDAY:  Swim Time, Game Time, Devotions, Canteen and More

FRIDAY:  Boats, Canteen, Devotions,  Movie Day (Campers can bring small blankets, stuffed animals etc to have with them during their groups movie time.  (IT MUST FIT IN THEIR BAG AND CUBBY).  All Movies are rated G or PG (for older campers) and are filtered through VidAngel to remove any questionable content. 

Crafts:  Monday (k-3) Wednesday (4th – 8th)

Archery:  Wednesday (K-3), Monday (6th-8th)

Boats:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday