Week Seven Details - Super Hero Week - Aug 1-5

Super Hero Week – God is the real Super HERO!

This is our LAST week of summer camp.  It is jammed packed with all the fun we can create as we say goodbye to summer camp! 

MONDAY: Crafts (K-3rd) Archery 4th-8th, Boats (all grades), Game Time, Devotions and More
TUESDAY: Swim Time(all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen
WEDNESDAY: Crafts (4th-8th), Archery K-3rd, Boats (all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen , Movie Day (Campers can bring small blankets, stuffed animals etc to have with them during their groups movie time. (IT MUST FIT IN THEIR BAG AND CUBBY). All Movies are rate G or PG (for older campers) and are filtered through VidAngel to remove any questionable content.
THURSDAY: Swim Time (all grades), Game Time, Devotions, Canteen,
FRIDAY: Boats, Canteen, Devotions, THE PLUNGE, Pizza Party, Ice Cream Party

FRIDAY – SPECIAL ACTIVITIES.  TRADITIONAL “CAMP MANNA PLUNGE”  It is a tradition that on the last day of summer camp, the campers PLUNGE into the lake with regular clothes on and without a life vest.  It is huge event…we make it tons of fun. We scream and yell and end our summer with as much enthusiasm as we can!!  AND we have tons of counselors available to keep it safe.  The kiddos enter from the shallow end and they are not allowed in the deep end.  The counselors line the lake (in the water) to make sure no camper crosses over to the deep end.  We also go by groups so smaller kids are only in water with smaller kids.  Kids will need an extra change of clothes.  They will change after this event and we will end the afternoon with an ice cream Sunday party!

 FRIDAY IS PACKED WITH FUN.  If you plan to pick up early on Friday, remember that we have tons of things going on so your camper may miss some of the special activities.  We are usually finished with everything around 3:00 that day!